Prasad Parulekar


Prasad with 33+ years of experience in building 30+ Brands & 100+ Products in 70+ Countries.

Prasad believes that  Brand building is Logic & not Magic. It requires vision, determination & consistency.

BrandVed is formed to help such determined entrepreneur to build brand effortlessly & affordably.  

Rupa Naik


Meet Rupa, our dynamic web implementer – a master at commanding websites and conversations. With a decade-long experience and over 30 brands under her belt, she's the talkative genius behind seamless web solutions!

Swapnali Padwal

Digital Marketing

Giggly Swapnali: A strategic thinker and creative innovator with over 3 years of experience in digital marketing. Known for elevating numerous brands across diverse media platforms, she's a driving force behind their popularity.

Pankaj Adam


Pankaj, our visionary with a creative edge, has been mastering the art of understanding client needs and delivering impactful ideas for over 10 years. Continuously evolving with industry trends and cutting-edge software, his innovation keeps our designs fresh and relevant.


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