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LIC Q4 profit surges nearly 6-fold to Rs 13,428 crore; dividend declared

LIC earned net commission of Rs 8,428.5 crore for the last quarter of FY23, growing 5.4 percent over the year-ago period, and showing a massive 33.4 percent increase compared to previous quarter.

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World Health Day 2023: 3 things you must check before buying health insurance

World Health Day 2023: Innovations in health insurance have led to the inclusion of day-care and OPD expenses, and even the cost of preventive health checkups, in certain policies for a reasonably priced premium.

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LIC Q3 result: Life insurer's net profit surges multi-fold to Rs 6,334 crore

LIC Q3 result: The life insurance behemoth’s net premium income grew by 14.5 percent to Rs 1.11 lakh crore for the December quarter from Rs 97,620 crore a year ago

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What's OPD? What about 30-day waiting period? Health insurance nuances still vague to most policyholders

A survey by ICICI Lombard showed that about 48 percent of policyholders were unaware of the features of their own health insurance policies, like out-patient cover, pre-post hospitalisation and so on.

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Looking to buy a term insurance policy? Calculate your Human Life Value (HLV) first

Buying a term life insurance policy is the decision of a lifetime. So, it’s important that the amount arrived at is correct. Human life value (HLV) is one of the methods of computing the right cover amount.

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Why you should buy health insurance now, and not wait till retirement

Buying health insurance when you are comparatively younger and healthier will supplement your employer-provided cover for any higher hospitalisation bills and there will be no hassles in terms of renewability. If you want to buy insurance at an advanced age and have some new health issues, insurers may not even be willing to cover you.

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Three reasons why you must consider buying term insurance, even if you are single

A term life policy is as valuable for singles as for those married and with children. It will cover your liabilities, and ensure your dependents have financial protection in your absence.

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How to insure against hassles at the time of health claim settlement

Settling claims has never been an easy process, for insurers or for consumers. However, the process can be made simpler if consumers go in for digitally enabled insurance advisors who will help consumers choose the best policy as per their needs

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Should you revive your old term insurance policy or buy a new one?

The best option is always to ensure that your policy remains active and the premiums are paid on time. If, for some reason, your policy lapses, get yourself covered again as soon as possible.

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