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HEALTH INSURANCE: Think before opting for deductible

If policyholders have higher income and can afford higher medical expenses, they can go for a higher deductible amount to lower the total premium payout.

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Three important things you must check before buying health insurance

Don’t just go for the policy with the lowest premium. Conditions could apply, and you could end up spending a lot more than you saved on the premium.

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How much money is ‘ideal’ for retiring with the same lifestyle? Survey finds

Most individuals are cognizant of the need to factor in inflation and rising medical expenses while planning for their life’s new chapter.

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Health Insurance: Get discount on premium for multi-year health policy

The policyholder can claim tax benefit of up to `25,000 under Section 80D for self, spouse and children year on year for the entire tenure of the policy.

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Things to keep in mind while purchasing life insurance after 40 years of age

Life insurance helps safeguard one’s family and oneself against two types of financial risks – untimely death and old age.

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LIC Jeevan Azad (Plan No. 868): New LIC policy for Rs 5 lakh cover and other benefits

The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India has launched Jeevan Azad (Plan No. 868), which is a new plan aimed at individual savings and life insurance. As per LIC, the plan offers an attractive combination of protection and savings.

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Your money: Buying insurance? Don’t chase returns, maximise risk cover

Acquaintances often request me to suggest life insurance products that can fetch high returns. Occasionally, they are subjected to product presentations by insurance advisors, showing returns that make them thrilled but also make them circumspect on whether the insurance products can really earn such high returns.

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Covering Senior Citizen parents with Office Group Medical Insurance only could be disastrous – Here’s why

Group medical cover (GMC) covers the employee and their dependents such as the spouse and children and in certain cases, parents are also covered.

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What is the right age to purchase a health insurance policy?

As young people are more healthy compared to the older people and have lower risks of getting ill, their participation helps in reducing the health insurance premium and make it more affordable for everyone.

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