Why Car Insurance is Mandetory?

Why Car Insurance is Mandetory?

Have you ever boarded the wrong plane and reached a destination with not much money left in your pocket? Or have you tried snorkelling without a guide and proper pieces of equipment? For sure answer to both of these must be a No but, why?

In the two situations mentioned above, you definitely need a savior. Either, you would need a lot of money or a fearless hope that no misfortune will affect you. It can be possible but definitely could be an unreasonable option.

We live in India where general issues like the unruly rise of the population, the number of cars and hence the increase in traffic strike really hard. Due to the unmatched rise in the number of cars and other dynamics, probability of mishaps has also risen.

These accidental mishaps can sometimes be devastating for you, your family and other third parties. It can leave you and the others, involved in the accident, financially strained and distressed. Hence, the government of India made it mandatory for vehicle owners to buy at least aThird Party Insurance.

Benefits of Car Insurance


  • The lawsuits, including legal fees if held liable for the damage.
  • Bills of repair due to damage caused in an accident.
  • Damages other than an accident caused by terrorism, earthquake etc.
  • Benefits to the survivors of the deceased.
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